About Us

What Is Doctors Advisory Alliance

Doctors Advisory Alliance is a group of experts that have a specialized niche in healthcare to address each area of your professional and personal life.

Our Mission

The Doctors Advisory Alliance (“DAA”) is designed to bring together selected strategic partners in various fields of business who share a common goal to improve the manner in which the medical/dental industry is serviced. Such partners include bankers, lawyers, financial advisors, certified public accountants, insurance brokers, commercial real estate brokers and construction and fit out contractors.  

At its core, DAA is devoted to fostering the discussion, consideration and review of the problems that medical and dental professionals encounter in accessing and learning about professional services that can serve and improve their industry as a whole.  The group will hold events and meetings designed to expand the group’s reach to medical/dental professionals in order to create an environment where solutions can be offered to improve the business conditions for the medical/dental industry.  Additionally, the group will plan and sponsor educational programs that will offer continuing education credits to doctors and dentists, including in the areas of finance, law, and practice management. 

Why Doctors Advisory Alliance

We want to change the way doctors and dentists are being serviced in their professional and personal lives.